Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The power of meeting...

Seeing Jenna Logical, 
was very very Logical... 
the ambience was nice 
and the people were cool. 

you never know 
who you can greet, 
nor the people you will meet. 

the atmosphere was set
as you walked in, 
subjects were raised from, 
Love and to sin.   

everything was flowing, 
whatever you thought about 
people were showing;

if you felt dim, 
subjects were open 
so you were never closed to 
the knowing. 

It was nice to share thought, 
without the intention to think, 
the feeling was pure
as the spring water you drink. 

If you had a dark day, 
that was the place to seek the light, 
you may have felt alone 
but you met others who shared your sight. 

A place to let go and 
flow with the energy, 
if you were feeling trapped, 
there you would have felt free. 

Love was the 
word of the hour, 
the more I heard it the 
more I felt power.  

people spoke of pain, 
judgement was thrown out 
the window, 
because we all left our brain; 

Heart chakra was what 
was in effect,  
we all had a dream 
we were gonna help each 
other protect. 

Everyone there was a 
unique individual, 
I hope we can help 
each other rise 
if one of us ever fall.

Guided meditation, 
personal explanation, 
if you were there you would 
know the meaning of vibration

(Shout out to Jenna Logical,
connecting people for real) 

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