Thursday, 23 May 2013

British Bullshit Communication (BBC)

Don't go by what you hear, 
for you will never know and 
if you dont know...

Allow an opinion, 
you know the old saying, 

Who cares what you heard,
what is it you saw? 
as you sit in the comfort of 
your home making judgements,
what are you the law?

What do you really know? 
Only what another told you,  
Why speculate on the unknown
and if you knew what would you do? 

The news could care less about 
the facts, just our outlook,  
you look out to them but 
inside you're mistook. 

what ever we say they will 
replay, imagine if there 
was no bad news for the day? 

There is little information 
from their part, 
but its us as a nation 
that create their art... 

The news confuse, 
we let them win 
so guess what... 
we lose, 
Why do we argue 
about every 
story they choose. 

Negative news drives this nation, 
look at the positive in our life, 
we're the next generation, 
forget tuning into a lower 

Let us not act, 
just in case they created 
the drama,

research the facts, 
don't let views 
create your karma. 

We got our own minds, 
so let's think for ourselves, 

so lets live by our hearts and 
take it to the world. 

Forget what you hear, 
try and get to know, 
don't let propaganda 
prevent you to grow.  

"The news is the most powerful 
weapon they got, 
only because we are their ammo"


  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2013 hope it helps. This is my poem.

    1. I like the concept, make the transitions slower, I hate pausing 2 many times. genrally nice info. peace.