Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Relax, Chillout, Meditate, Kick it...


Take time for yourself...
breathe in pure harmony 
and with that stress 
just excel.

I know you're a mother of three,
but you are never free,
you give your all to them 
in turn drain your energy;

Take time out to burn an incent
or do Tai Chi by a tree.

Meditate during a lunch break,
read something that will
lift up your mind state,
have a positive debate,
turn off your phone and
spend an hour to contemplate.

Stop rushing for other people,
slow down for yourself and
give yourself time to heal,
in the end you will get the 
better deal. 

Watch a golden sunset, 
the orange horizon 
is guaranteed to lower 
any types of stress,

colours are relaxing and can 
describe your mood the best.    

It's not about being tense,
because you will easily break,
so keep the mind supple
and your body will live as calm as a lake.

Stress is the number one killer 
and the main cause is work, 
so quit that job, 
and do it with a smirk. 

Smile Smile, you cant stress 
one out, 
smiling is good for the muscles 
between your cheeks and mouth.  

Walking with hate is not attracting, 
wrinkled in the face, 
the love iron will leave you relaxing. 

Relaxation can come in 
many forms, 
reading, video games, 
even watching the wonder of 
rain storms

I like to write to let 
myself go, 
skate in the wind and 
feel that wind blow; 

One must always have time for 
forget social events, 
sometimes you need to put people 
on the shelves. 

know one needs you more than
your body, so if the stress warnings
are firing, take a deep breath and
remember that your temple is godly

"Chill out and the heat of 
any angry moment will freeze"


  1. This ties in really well with the song you play before going to work, 'One Step Forward', and what you said about slavery. The whole of society is laid out all wrong. Its like we miss the whole point. Where is time to enjoy relationships...our lives? You give good advice and more. It reminds me of a quote from Rousseau: "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains". Peace...Lei :)

    1. Thank you, see you on the synchronisation wave.