Saturday, 18 May 2013

Word is born...

Language is good for 
but words without action 
becomes exaggeration. 

Speak at will, 
but make shore 
your words aren't ill  
if your words were money 
people would take you to the till; 

No cash back or refund 
so be careful what you say,
words can ruin a persons energy 
or even uplift their day. 

Politicians use them to trap, 
some just speak to fill a silent gap, 
some like to here them through song
where others like it through rap. 

I like to use the word victory, 
a positive vibration when you 
look at it's history,
even words like peace, 
manifestation and creativity. 

Once the meaning is discovered 
don't use it in the wrong context,
positive words can keep you living, 
negative ones can lead to high stress;  

So make sure your words are positive, 
right words in ones now can    
unleash their futures gift. 

Words can be 
metaphors or 
spoken by the wise 
and even by the fools. 

Words that bring bad memories 
delete them from your mind, 
or turn them into thought felt stories
that will help you to unwind. 
Catch words through writing and 
don't forget about the reading, 
words are more powerful 
when you know one is listening; 

Listen to a friend or a total stranger, 
for it is there words that can 
sometimes calm down your anger. 

Words are our best form of 
communication, one of the 
first things since our creation; 

So let us not use them out of ego,
doing that will prevent you to grow, 
make sure their pure
and not a stale flow.  

"Words have been here since creation, 
let us define the powers of communication"


  1. Hi, Lei,

    This line here:

    "Words that bring bad memories
    delete them from your mind,
    or turn them into thought felt stories
    that will help you to unwind. "

    I have a lot of bad memories and I didn't think to turn them into stories, but, that's all they are... We turn a new page every day, a blank one upon which we get to write afresh...

    Thanks...powerful poetry...

    1. and Thank you for the righteous read.