Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Word of the day: Love

I know you are looking for love,
but first you must discern from
the hate you have for yourself.

You cannot find love when you
doubt yourself,

doubt is the enemy, which prevents
you from finding reassuring love;

Love will not be reassuring,
if you are not sure about yourself...

Love must be practiced in your home,
so it can be perfect for the world.

Love must be manifested inside out...
Just thinking about it,
you will eventually become it.

I am not Love...
but if I were,
I would tell you everyday;

For daily love
would make
years of heaven.

Love battles the heart,
Love can war with your mind;

but once you conquer love it will
bring you eternal peace.

Love becomes lost because
you're looking in the wrong places,

Remember it can be found in you.

So don't dwell on lost love
because love dose not dwell;

Love comes and goes
when it wants and pleases,
if you want it to stay forever
fix all the broken pieces.


  1. Perfectly timed. Thank you brother. :-)

    1. I have many in stock, I am glad this was in Sync with how you feel. bzzXzz

  2. I had a feeling I'd missed some of your words, Lei, so I skipped to your page and found three...this caught me because of the subject...chocolate for the soul...'love'...but beneath the sugar trap lies a deeper truth that you reach here. Nice observations, Lei :)

    1. Feeling your metaphors, they're sweet. bzzXzz