Saturday, 15 June 2013

Thank You For Your Belief...

Your belief
made me new,
no time for old ways,
because of that moment of belief
I can live with that extra confidence
through out the rest of my days.

Your belief
killed my doubt,
now I shall become more,
fear is replaced with focus
and now feel my soul at peace
beneath my core.

Your belief
was so genuine,
please don't let that go,
it's always good to encourage
one who feels small, 
as encouragement helps one grow.

Your belief
gave me prosperity, 
no longer do I see hardship, 
I will feel your belief within me 
the next time I think to quit.   

Your belief
gave me reason to smile,
now everyday I am glad to try, 
do what once I thought impossible 
because your belief just took me high. 

Your belief
is my weapon,
thanks for the ammunition, 
I am now firing positive thoughts
aiming at my vision.  

Your belief
has replaced my hope 
and now I act on faith, 
What I once hoped for, 
I can see... 
because you believe 
I can create. 

"Belief is the
cure to doubt"

(Shout out to local Young'star
under me you shall get your wings
as you're helping me to fly)


  1. Mr Lei...
    such poetry
    says to me
    i too can fly...

    Too many things to like about this. It flies straight as an arrow and hits the target dead center.

    Peace on the Path. Thanks, Lei 。・゚゚・。。゚☆

    1. Why Thank you and I will more likely see you on my path.

      peace and infinite power.