Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bilder, Crash Into a Berg

You shall not control my destiny... 

For your secrets only effect those 
who fear your unseen forces,
but you cannot see 
our truth either, for we 
have more power than you 
will ever have. 

You have one Ideal, 
but you cannot control 
everyones views; 

your WIKIdness has 
been LEAKed,  your 
INFOrmation gets 
taken to WARS, 
the wise Ignore CBS.   

you're power is weakening
as more are awakening, there's 
a new wave coming, and 
you aren't invited to surf; 

as you will be left  to drown 
with the sharks.  

your hate is 
becoming small 
as love stands tall. 

I know you control 
a majority of minds,
but there are hearts out 
there that bleed change; 

Justice fuels through 
our viens,  we are the heart 
of modern day warriors 
who chant      
"We want our earth back"
"We want our earth back"

Such a vibration awakens 
the Gods and they will vouch 
for us soon and cast you 
demons to damnation. 

I have met awakened minds, 
they are out there in many 
forms, so sit back and enjoy 
these reforms, fancy suit and 
golf courses; 

you shall have a last 
hole in one, but when we 
become whole, you will 
know we won... 
and it'll be too late 
to realise we could 
have been one... 

"The power of greed
only increases 
the power of hunger"

For more Information and break down check: 

( - Alex Jones)
( - David Icke) 

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