Monday, 17 June 2013

Here me...

I am the light you told to shine,
even in dark times you told me the world
was mine.

I trust you will give me what I require,
because I still have faith, which should
take me higher.

I do all the good you ask me to do,
even if I don't want to walk the journey,
I still put on the shoe.

I know I can get angry in this place,
What I wouldn't do right in this life
so I can be at your grace.

I am here to fight against the fallen,
destroy their evil plans,
the children,
you sent me to warn them.

It seems like one giant test
so many days I wanna rest,
Ima have plenty of time to sleep,
I stay awake, because being 
awake is life's way in saying bless.

I know you give me your freedom,
because I never signed the devils will,
you have gave me the power to create,
not to destroy, but to build.

I am everywhere,
It's a time to speak to you without care,
because when I am in your judgement,
ima have to prepare for your stare.

Please let me win,
am I not worthy now...
is it because I have already sinned?

I made a bargain that my soul belongs
to you, don't let the fallen take it and
break it into two;

because you know I wanna be free,
like a whale in the sea, but more than
that, I wanna be the best of me.

I am not yours to command,
I am your physical hand,
all I ask with your assistance
is to complete this life's plan.

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