Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hey OLD MAN...

Oh so much I have
learned from the
older generation...

They have taut me
how to lie,
If I want something,
to try,
said my life
was very promising,
don't break any until
the day you die...

They taught me
self reliance,
but I will never
rely on them,
they talk about
the past so much to
them the futures

They showed me
so much wisdom,
that they learnt
from being
Don't be like
everyone else,
yet mad fun
when I tried
to be different;

I laughed at them
and said,

you didn't
set the example,
if I listened to
you I would
have been a fool,
So stick to drinking
your pint of larger,
chatting shit and
shooting pool.

Don't talk down
to me when you're
always high and drunk,
Told me to clean
my act up, but it's
you who lives
in a dump;

Always talking rubbish,
but never took out the trash,
you left mummy feeling cold
she could never afford the gas.

old man,
this is my world
and I will lead
by example,
I followed what
not to become,
so to you I am

Just do me
a favour
and live life
to your best,
teach us
who shall
teach you,
so we can all
past this test.

What separates
us as a generation?

well it's nothing
but the age,
all I ask of you
is, if you've
read the book
of life,
just point
me to the
right page.

PEACE and may my generation 
go down in history for not repeating history...  


  1. Mr Lei....

    we sing from the same hymn book...a lesson learned by me when young...watching the mistakes people made...telling me it was golden when it was just rust lit up by the light of their ignorance.

    beautiful truths within. bowing my head to you , sweet sage...stay true...

    1. Thank you. I shall keep the world o=informed of it's beauty and Ills.