Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hornet the father...

I shall be the father
my children need to see,
teach them about lifes traps
and the ways to be free.

Fatherhood is a mission,
one which you must guide
your seeds and help them
reach their vision.

Most times it can be fun,
but not when life starts to
get serious, if only life could
continuous laughs like
Eddie Murphy in delirious.    

With my children by my side
I had to grow up fast,
I refused to be that waste man daddy,
drinking and smoking grass,

soon as my children finish school,
they come home to daddies class.

It consists of many things from
skateboarding to video games,
talk them right through it, 
then test their little brains.

I am a good father,
even when times are bad,
I keep my children happy
even if my times are sad.

I am proud to say they have very
powerful personalities, 
because I'm not the type of 
dad to day dream
but show them the realities.

I don't wanna be a father
who has no concept of life,
the one who drinks to an early
grave and also beats his wife.

I'm the king to my queen
and we can be a good team,
if their's two of us around,
thats double their self-esteem.

"A fathers structure plus
a mothers foundation equals
strong security for your children"


  1. Wow, Lei....

    Love it! What a tribute from a proud Dad to his family! Wonderful poem. Strong ideals and the pic...well...amazing!! So much joy, fun, love...

    I particularly like the team the last stanza:

    "A father structure plus
    a mothers foundation equals
    strong security for your children"

    Keep sharing your poetic wisdom, and making the world lighter for it. Happy Father's Day, Lei \\o//

  2. Awesome....Very Special...Happy Fathers Day