Monday, 3 June 2013

Hornet in... talking to his god...

What is it you have to say
for yourself?

I tried to live in the place you
put me in...

What was the problem...
you met great people didn't you
and I could have put you anywhere.

Anywhere but there, it was justified
slavery and I know you never made me
to be a slave, had I followed the people
would I not have been the unique being you
bestowed upon the earth.

I created many unique beings, to reap
off what I had sewn, but many did not
knit the right life, instead use the needle
to stick each other in the eyes, so many
were blind, even you at times.

I done what I could do, OK I had doubt and
lost faith sometimes, none the less I lived
in your name and not in vain.

Your record shows much hesitation...
why did you hesitate to live?

Sometimes I was hesitant to live,
To be fair, where you put me
it was hard to define what life was...

I tried to be an example, but it looks like
good people get made an example of,
was this the plan?

You question what I have given you?

No, what I mean is I could have done more
where I was, but it seemed evil ran the
place of my mission...

Would you want go back?

No if thats OK with you, I have done as
much as I can, I would like to move on...

Move on where?

I don't know...
you got a job in the governing department?
I would be good at that.

You're OK EL, you at least fulfilled the
prophecy I made for you, now get on out
of here and get the application of arch angel

Peace GOD.

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