Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Short Letter To Life

Dear Life,

Thank you for having my
mum and dad,
who in turn made me,
why would I pay mind to death,
when with you I am free.

Sometimes you can be cruel,
other times you can be cool,
sometimes you create big
problems and other times
they can be small.

To me you are good,
so why do people treat you bad?
because when you're no longer
there, they're going to want
to wish you back.

I am so glad that we got
to be one,
the experience that we share
evolves around fun;

It's only fun because you create
and I take the chance,
you truly are the song and
with you I shall dance.  

you truly are a marvellous
creation and hope to stay
in sync to your
harmonious vibration.    

I know that people take
you for granted,
if only they
saw what I saw
they to would be enchanted;

Enchanted by your beauty,
enchanted by your structure,
you create all that lives,
so to all you are our mother.

you are so fun and
make me happy,
you are my calmness
when I feel angry;

In the state of rage,
I relise how lucky I
am to have you,
you're there everyday
and each experience is new.

Life you are so fine,
you are so divine,
and best of all...
you are mine. 

Forever yours
LE hOrNet

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