Friday, 12 July 2013

How Do You Define... CRAZY


Why would you refer to me as crazy?
I wonder what makes you normal?

Am I crazy because you follow a
controlled world and not a free one?

The fact that you follow made laws,
to me thats's insane.

The fact you do the same thing
day in and day out,
How do you keep your mind?

Am I crazy because
whilst you're still stuck in one...

Is it because I speak my heart and your
opinion comes from another's mind?

Trust me not thinking for yourself is mad....

Stop telling me that's not normal
because being crazy is the new cool.

I must seem like i am mentally ill,
but trust me my thoughts are the cure.

you may think I am crazy,
but it would be crazy for me to think like you,
my experience is my experience,
you do what you do;

And if all you did is try to fit in,
you'll wake up when your old and
realise you through your life in the bin.

Speaking in actuality seems crazy to you
but normal to me, before you call me crazy,
walk out of your fantasy.

Keep telling yourself,
"They are crazy and I am not"
but those you judge
found themselves,
where you are still lost....

Lost in what you want to see,
Lost in what you want to be,
sometimes being lost in your mind
is the only way to be set free;

So stay trapped;

Trapped in another's perspective,
because if you're trapped in what
another defines as sanity,
you gonna find it hard to live.  

Whats that saying...
You drive me up the wall,
so put yourself in gear,
change lanes, because those who
changed brains still be standing tall.

How can you justify sanity?
I can't... another mans norm
is another mans reality;

To me;

it's crazy not be yourself,
it's crazy to be him or her
on the shelf, you use the word
as if it's normal but the word
tends to define bad health.

"Normal is an act,
insanity can be real
the state is only in the
mind, just act upon
how you FEEL"

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