Monday, 29 July 2013

I shall open, please come in...

I am sorry if I confuse, 
I do wanna keep, 
trust I don't wanna 
lose you. 

It seems most days I 
don't care, 
but when I picture me
without you,
that paints despair. 

I have always felt lonely, 
you made me feel whole, 
I know you don't get my heart
but to you I submit my soul, 

Even if I say never mind, 
I want you to be forever mine, 
there may be temporal hate, 
but you will be forever fine. 

Sorry for my random outburst, 
if you could see the inside 
doing that makes me feel worse.

Before you there was one, 
after you I would hope 
there will be none;
Temptation is a distraction, 
but minus me from that sum. 

no one can understand me like 
you do, from my lowest to my 
highest, you there to help 
me get through.  

I am here to protect and respect, 
I owe you and forever I am in debt,   
I want to keep you happy 
sorry if I upset. 

I should give you my all 
as I feel I've taken to much, 
I apologise that I find it hard
to say love; 

Love was a concept that 
I never got, 
if I'm going to be honest 
it started from the cot.

But forget my past as you 
make me understand
the present,
hell you even loved me 
when people thought 
I was a peasant.  

I had no money, 
life was sweet and 
you were that extra honey, 

from a busy bee to a 
calm hornet, 
you never gave up in me
so for you
 I will NEVER for fit. 


  1. Mr Lei...

    ...the way you write opens a door into your world experience. a guru i once listened to would talk about 'intimacy' by breaking it down into two words..'in' and 'time-acy'..he wanted people to realize the importance of being in the moment with each person we meet, allowing them the space to open up, as you do, and be there, in the same space, together.

    We take this as meaning in a love way but it is by opening to people that they understand us and we can lead by example, as you have done here.

    Thanks, Mr Hornet...peace...

    1. Thank you,

      This was actually a moment which I had to turn, now it is out of me, reading it again, I just learned...

      I like the "In and time-acy" and in time I shall see.

      Peace to you Madam L.