Saturday, 27 July 2013

28 time to elevate...

Man made it another year,
achieved what I needed as
I start a new cycle.

2 + 8 = 10
10 breaks down to 1
1 is my new beginning,
independence and I shall
find out who I am and what I truly seek.

Chronologically I am 28,
my physical looks like I am 18
in truth I still feel like a teen;

Handstands and cartwheels,
I walk upside down
when I pay up bills.

I know it sounds hype,
but like the little prince,
I wanna keep close to my child life,

I have an older mind,
in my heart I remain young,
if i'm going to be honest,
is because I make everyday fun.

This is my resurrection,
I'm going to live my full intentions,
I can't wait to start my new year
and endure in this years lessons.

I find it hard to express this new age,
I like I get to start a new chapter,
but write now, I mean
right now I am feeling off the page;

this poem is everywhere, 
I write this with a celebrated headache
so I know my minds not clear.

Ima look back and say why
did I even write this,
it makes sense now but I
imagine myself laughing at 36.

27 was Heaven,
28 ima open the gate,
Hopefully by 29 life will be mine.

28 a time to elevate
28 a new wave to appreciate


  1.  ┏┓┏┓。・゚゚・。。゚☆
     ┃┗┛ appy☆
     ┃┏┓┃ birth☆
     ┗┛┗┛  day゚☆'s belated! i'm sorry...i didn't know! 28 sounds happy...may this be a perfect year for you, my friend...peace....

    btw...poem reads well...kudos for the handstand

    1. Thanks...
      yeah, the handstand thing, trying to stay young I guess. hahahahaha