Friday, 5 July 2013

Promise Practice...

I promise to practice
keeping promises for

If I can keep promises
to friends,

I should start keeping
promises to me.

How many times I told my
liver "I promise to detox you"

or told my mind,
"we're going on a creative journey"

These are easy promises to deliver,
but find these ones the hardest to keep...

Yet I promised a friend
I would help them move home,

Which got fulfilled,
with the additional carry
of heavy loads up four flights of stairs;

That was one heavy promise... literally...

Let us keep our promises to ourselves,
keeping promises to ourselves only makes
us the more reliable for others,

Broken promises lead to
Broken trust...

I do not want to
end up in the lair of the Liars,
but flourish in promise paradise,

because if you keep your promises
you will be given paradise.

1 comment:

  1. A buzzin' poem Mr Lei..

    ..for someone to say of you "he delivers on his promise" is one tells me you can be trusted..

    ..for you to know your own value means you can trust yourself..and that is priceless..