Saturday, 20 July 2013

Thank You For My Book...

I would like to thank
so many people
but I don't know
where to start...
I guess It would
be the brother
who helped me
with my art;

Radical Boulevard...

for the book you did design,
you turned my words into reality,
making life feel more than mine.

I would like to thank
Mrs Hedlund,

for she brought
my first ever notepad,
Tim was sketching,
I wrote my first poem,
which left me feeling glad.

I would like to thank
my father

for all of his wisdom and teachings,
as every single one of them were
expressed through my
heart and souls feelings.

Even more thank you
to my brothers P.O.Z,

who helped continue my
mission, you help me
through the blind times,
now I can see my vision.

I thank two people,
my friends girl
and my opposite steve,
I know I see the writings,
but you were both
my proof read;

No more red lines,
no more green lines,
you also helped with
I'm glad you
payed attention in
class, at least one of
us used the education.

My thank you's
go out to those
who pushed me
and really believed...
I'm honoured to give
you my first ever book,
so please enjoy the

I would like to thank many
more people, trust me
I don't need to end,
but thank you to those
who supported
my mission,
from the real to my friends.

I forgot to thank my God...
now I look into the starry sky
and give him that peaceful nod.

Peace and poetry 
may we live our 
days joyous so we 
can just all be free. 


  1. hey, hey, Mr Lei...

    the black book hits the press,
    that would be my guess,
    sit back and enjoy the ride.
    you earned the praise with pride.
    best wishes...all ways!
    here ends my song of praise...

    1. HAHAHAHA,

      Thanks for the poetic comment,
      through this book I offer benevolence
      and truth shall be found not only through
      each poem but in a single sentence.

      that was a on the spot freestyle inspired by you.