Monday, 15 July 2013

Youth Only Make Me Express Truth

Bob Marley energies,
chilling with the young'stars, 
spiting 2pac prophecies.
a little O.D.B influence
Bacardi being my remedy. 

I am forced in a situation, 
where I have to 
practice what I preach, 

But them being youg'stars, 
I'll take time out, because theres 
nothing better to me then to teach. 

Those young'stars brought a 
growing father memories of riding 
my cousins pink bike, 
trying to impress the local 
neighbourhood teenagers.

One boy wants to show 
me how far he can jump on his scooter, 
his younger friend wanting in on the action, 
the beauty of young friends competing, 
not knowing they are only 
making each other better; 

I watch them out do each other as they 
all carry unique traits and attitudes toward 
the task, at that moment I felt like I could 
see their future selves.

As I give them praise, caught in a adults 
daze, I applaud them for their show and say 
I like to skate, I am about to walk away to 
enjoy my nephews birthday, just before I go in 
someone comes with a skate... 

board... no, no, no, 
I wanna go back to the party, 
then they said have a go, go, go. 

I made a choice under the influence 
to be a influence , so off I went and 
hey they laughed at my first fall, 
but I still showed them magic 
with that cheap board, 

Soon as they saw that inner child, 
they challenged me to some races 
and to play car park football. 

No shoes, holes in my sock, 
playing football, man it felt like i was
kicking rocks.

They were keeping me fit, 
I was showing the old tricks, 
so they can make new ones, 
I was dropping subliminal tips.  

I divided my attention,
by falling in each hobby
was the only way to 
show ascension... 
as well as many life lessons
like get back up
focus on your intentions.   

There truly was a natural 
mystic in the air,
my spirits mixed with children's spirits, 
all ages in the session were playing without care.

I will only show you my best 
so you can get better, 
under the sun that weekend young'stars 
you improved my weather.

Dedicated to the young change up in becton, 
stay true to your skills, football running and 
even the one on wheels. 
Your spiritual coach Le Hornet 
(13\7\13 - 14/7/13)


  1. Mr Lei... kicked the metaphorical football of life out the park! awesome! i have to recommend this and more...i was with you all the way and so many beautiful lessons and life ideas in here, grab and go poetry to snack on often with its constant fulfilling enjoyment.

    peace to you, Mr Hornet...

    1. And peace to you too.

      This was a snack and I was so tempted to turn it into dinner.
      thank you for the read. Madam L