Monday, 26 August 2013

Carnivores in the carnival

As I walk through the

I am calm,
As I observe the mental dead
At it’s best.

A crowd full of unjust…

A battle ground for rivalry...
Police Verses Crooks,
Gangs verses Gangs;

Those who came for peace
Even get intimated by the beast,
As some are there to eat more then
What got put on there plate.

Today a young innocent can be
A number due to another youth
Proving his loyalty
To his wolf pack, who slowly devour
His adolescence.   

Mad dogs trying to get a bone,
The sun increases his heat,
Panting at anything
with a little meat showing.

An old school beef is about to get
Dished because of some cow,
He wants the milk by the end of this day
So this shit’s about to get sour. 

A crowd full of pheromones trading,
as you get closer to their world to talk
you can smell the evil intent.  

A dude trying to nod his
head aimlessly to the base
simultaneously throwing up
adding more to his puddle,
he could make a barf angel.

What am I doing here…
I say the same thing every year…
And still end up there…

Some make out they want to have
Fun, but they’re really looking for that
X lover with his new girl 
to bring old confrontations
Into a new time,
Not wondering is it going to be any better
For our children’s time; 
These days it’s like
Taking your lamb to the slaughter…

As I am surrounded by sin
As she has revealed
what is most sacred;

Young girl you are not a woman,
Protect your innocence as much as you can,
Men feast upon your flesh,
I can see the carnivores.  

“I dare not walk in the
Land of those in a barbaric state  
Carnival is for carnivores
And I aint eating off that plate”

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