Wednesday, 7 August 2013

God UP or Devil down....

We all don't believe in
God, yet most of us know
the devil. 

We don't all believe in the 
devil, yet most say "OH MY 

The realm we live in, these are
entities of good and evil. 

add one O to God, it's a 
representation of good,   
minus one D from devil, it's 
just a representation of evil. 

So to live good you will be 
deemed as God, to do Bad 
you will be seen as a devil. 

one should consider the 
power, not of the words 
but their actions. 

Act like a god and expect 
to see angles around you 
singing melodies to make 
you rise. 

Act like a devil and expect 
demons around you, 
adding pointless weight 
bringing you down.

You can find god in the light
as well as the devil;

except the devils light will not
only blind you and turn your
world into darkness,

it will burn you and in that
darkness you shall feel
the infinite pain of the fire...

you can find God in the
darkness, the moment you
shut your eyes and prey,

it is in empty space that the
divine shall take shape and form;

whatever you imagine you shall see...

If you wanna see evil then life will
be evil, if you wanna see good then
guess what...


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