Sunday, 11 August 2013

hOUR Time

In these times of struggle,
is when you should make your life have power…
People complain about time,
but I ask what you do with an hour?

An hour a day can define a month’s progress,
An hour of pure focus will lead to success.

An hour of silence can clear the mind,
Spend an hour in the dark and you’ll find your shine.

Take an hour walk with no destination,
Use an hour of not destruction but random creation.

An hour turns into a day,
A day turns into a month,

Time should only be relevant if you’re
Seeking TRIUMPH…


  1. Lei....

    ...another triumph, my friend...thought now:

    for 'time' see 'space'...we have this space to realize the results of our thoughts in material existence so that we can refine and further rise through the denser layers of existence, becoming lighter and lighter...illumination...

    i don't know if i have mentioned this but i like the pics you put with your posts...this one is interesting because at first glance, it reminds me of a paper weight that used to be had a dandelion in it...natures clock...i really like that aspect of the crystal ball of time...all you have is now, and that 'now' is ever changing...

    1. Thank you mrs L.C.

      Time is one of my favourite concepts and am still growing with it (as we all are) I would hope to offer you more thoughts on it in the near future and that time should be soon.