Saturday, 3 August 2013

I'm Losing my mind...

This cant be it...

If I choose not to believe,
it's because I except...

I except I only live once,
to believe I live twice would only
put me in a state of fear.

I show that I care,
but put me on the camera,
if I have to act I will.

I claim to be something,
but know nothing of myself.

I am a joke and the world laughs at me,
So what is the point in being so serious?

The more I ask the less I know,
the more I know the less I ask.

Is how I feel somedays,
but I know togetherness 
is the cure.

Can I look for love
on this planet of hate,
but if this planet is hate...
How can I not love?

Love seems like it answers pain,
but I do question it's misery.

How can one be happy, 
when many are starving?

I eat and should be grateful,
where I'm from people eat
and throw half of the table...

I keep my head above water,
but some days I want to drown
and let the waves take me to
an empty island.

The world only suits those
who wear ties, I will never
wanna walk a mile in your loathers.

To run away would be 
irresponsible, knowing I
have a responsibility to
stand by the voiceless.

I know I cannot change the world, 
so I have been told, 
but those who told me that did not 
wanna change them selves...  

People are content with this current state,
but never realised the price of the earth...

I am losing my 
inner self,
the more I do 
the more I hate
the outer world...


  1. Voicing my own inner thoughts here and in a most elegant and powerful way.

    1. Thank you, it was a feeling of release after I read it again. bzzzzzz

  2. Hey, hey, Mr Lei,


    "I know I cannot change the world,
    so I have been told..."

    You are a drop in the ocean...your ripples spread far...they change everything they change your world...and change the world...

    Thank you for making the positive a direction that influences us all....happiness and peace to you....

    1. Thank you madam L, I am glad you enjoyed this peace in a moment of anger.

      I am glad you saw through it and see my positive.