Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Poetic Insanity (Multiple thoughts from a single mind)

Everyone has something to say... 

when one tends to talk, mad limited, 
yet they put excess energy into it. 

when writing I am one word 
ahead of myself, 
and two thoughts;

for what I say has been said, 
and when repeated life becomes...

Act like you have a voice, 
when you shut down by a government, 
he just another man...
wonder what it would be like to see 
a woman run it?

"Men think they know it all"
"Women think they rule the world"
This is the type of attitude that's
probably gonna run most of us to hell...

Hopefully not me... 
I doing my best punish those 
who are cutting down the trees... 

How are you in a 
position to ask for excitement, 
when what you get comes from
another's tourment. 

My fridge is full of produce,
wait my country can't grow this, 
I am eating off someone else's labour... 

I know I am a slave, 
but he's a bigger slave, 
but what separates us is where 
do we go when we both hit the grave? 

I question... question... question... 
but the answer is inside me, 
I am a cross between my dream
and your reality...

I see what it is, 
you just here for the biz, 
you put on a good show
but thats all it is... 

The world makes me laugh
but inside I am crying, 
my soul latches on to false hope 
just to keep you smiling. 

This is not to be a rhyme, 
just aggravation expressed in 
the form of poetry, 
when you see a quote, 
you gonna know it's me... 

but thats not my style, 
this is a temporary state 
as I look tomorrow ima 
realise this was a bunch of PILE...

Momentary expression, 
most dwell on their past 
and as for their future... 

I cannot predict 
I'm not a physic, 
wouldn't compare myself to a prophet, 
but most prophets are poets. 

I wonder why God made such 
a world without the temptation 
to destroy it? 

I do not hate, 
nor do I love, 
I am the line between 
the opposites... 
trying to live

Wait I had a point, 
don't wag your finger at me... 
this is just a random poem expressing 
some clogged up sanity...


"the world would make more sense if 
people stayed quiet.. well the idiots any way" 

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