Thursday, 15 August 2013

Speak and I will Listen...

 pass a person in their tracks, 
because you never know in 
that moment he can 
change your future. 

Things I thought to question later, 
he answered then.... 

There was no topic of 
just a young man 
and old man
exchanging what we 
see in our generations, 

I talk to all because I like 
the art of communication.

Although he was talking about the past, 
every word had powerful presence, 
my ears would tune in to his different
vocal tones, each tone had a unique essence.

I was drawn in,
spirit first, then went mind in second, 
by his third word he had my 
full attention. 

In between parables he was 
explaining his life...
at the same time
 explaining mine, 
he could have been many things
 in my rapid thoughts, 
but my heart just took it as a sign.   

He would talk on
religion, reality, 
reality, religion, 
what I thought, but I never saw 
he made me in vision. 

Being old and wise 
he would tell me stories 
from the earth to the skies. 
He would talk about hell on earth 
with suffering in his eyes.

He would talk of his pain, 
I took pleasure to hear, 
I too go through some of those battles 
in the illusion and fear.   

It was the simple words 
he was saying that made me 
my mission, 
my purpose, 
he made me understand, 
no thoughts are actually worthless...
If spoken upon... 
a weak man hides his emotions, 
to me this man was strong;   

This is the type of guy you would 
walk pass, I am happy I stopped...
Because he made me think
about the time ahead,
His words is forever in my heart,   
he erased some old thought files
installed a new process in my head.

"There are times where you should just pause,
don't fast forward past someone
because you can always play later;
stop that moment
because you will not be able to rewind it"   

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