Tuesday, 20 August 2013

You Don't Know, You Can't Change

Some things are better left un said,
I play the game inception,
plant the idea in your head;

What you thought,
you never talked,
so when it's talked
you have a decision,
sit on it or walk.

I may sound heartless
but it's to better your life,
the words sound heavy
hopefully one day
you'll see their light,

As they shine,
in your heart as well
as your mind. 

Why would one want to hold on to 
long term resentment, 
Talking about it will help
release any pent up tension. 

If no one speaks of  wanting the change, 
then the life things are going stay the same. 

Everyone should just clear the air,
I talk not to baffle you but
make you aware,

Aware of expression,
because if bottled up
to long it will turn to

Holding your words in
can lead to more bitterness, 
so your life will never be sweet
but just un-necessary stress.

Say what's in your heart, 
before it turns black, 
tell your loved ones now
before it's to late  to turn back. 

Talk about the problem, 
with the intent to find a solution, 
don't get lost in anger because 
that anger will lead to confusion. 

I would love the world to be
a quiet place, but it's hard
when people are loud and in my face,

No consideration for opinions
because your words they cannot take;

But you try and give them back,
clearly fronting with no view
so all words sound like an attack.

No need to defend yourself,
I would rather tackle the situation
before it turns to dust on the shelf;

Because then we will be to old,
nothing but regrets because of
what was left


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