Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gratification to God... (Just a Hornet experience)

I submit my will, 
as you are aiding me to 
live your power.
babylon is what people see, 
but I fly beyond the tower.  

I am no longer afraid... 
as I have danced with fear, 
slept with lust and lived with hate. 

These burdens are no more, 
you have turned these to something pure, 
like water and sometimes wine,
you got me breaking bread with fellow angles 
not politicking amongst the swine. 

Could I ask for more, 
I see hells gates, but I am gliding 
to heavens door, 
I walk amongst 
the rich,
 but I do not feel poor. 

This feeling is un-describable, 
like when one who reads... 
but no I feel like I live the bible; 

trying to lead people to the promise land, 
through the fires and out of the liars plan; 

It may take a while 
but you allow me to keep going
and if thats the case then 
i'm going to keep showing;

Showing the non believers, 
showing those with low faith, 
showing people there are 
higher teachers.  

For this I am truly grateful 
for I have found peace 
amongst the hateful. 

My experience with you is 
unique as it is to others,
who ever chose not to believe, 
I will even treat them as my brothers.

Judge them not 
as you do 
not judge me, 
I imagined, 
but you help me 
create this reality,
even through the chaos 
you let me keep my sanity,
I thank you divine because 
now I have beautiful family. 

I replace the word 
luck with protection, 
as there were 
many times 
I saw the signs 
which changed 
my thoughts direction. 

I was aided from those I called, 
they were never engaged for me, 
they were their for me from the 
big things to the small I felt your energy; 

So I thank your angles as they 
keep me in a cautious place, 
knowing they are watching me 
elevates my state, 

and sometimes I would be 
on a journey, 
thy would battle my demons 
before they can even hurt me. 

Who knew faith would be 
this powerful, I cannot speak 
for those who have there hours full; 

full at work, 
full of consuming, 
so your soul remains empty 
and your heart is always glooming. 

I dare say there is a true happiness 
and I will stress this bliss, 
so together we can live in this... 

and live beyond... 

Let us change our tune on earth, 
lets go together like the stars, 
glowing for the divine 
who is forever in our hearts.  


  1. hey, hey, Mr Lei,

    ...this reads like a personal statement marking a defining place in your life. i feel blessed that you shared this and happy that you found the words. are the light that you are walking are your own reflection...shine brightly...


    1. Thank you, I just needed to share the moment, we must express the good in our lives as many recently respond more to the bad, so I must change that, induce a new understanding.

      Thank you fellow kindred for your consistent words.