Sunday, 29 September 2013

Peace Poem (An old hornet thought constructed)

How do I find peace 
in a world surrounded by war?

Peace is just an idea, 
for those who create war, 
but the idea of a external creation 
dose not disturb my inner vibration.

Peace can be found when 
one looks for it, 
The first place I shall start 
is within me;

I shall let no outer war
Destroy my inner peace,
as I go through personal battles 
trying to sustain it. 

I have never accepted the hate 
they show through the pictures on television
But found the true meaning of love
through my inner vision.

I can never show anger in a world I never built,
Rather show happiness in the world I create.

If my mind starts talking 
negative thought,
I do not hear 
because negative thoughts 
create personal wars;

I walk with a positive heart and let it beat... 
... in the rhythm of peace.

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