Monday, 9 September 2013

Poetic Rain

I am in the rain, 
trying to sell my healing 
to your daily pain, 

do not walk past me 
like it's me whose insane, 

you the one running for your boss 
because by your mouth I saw a brown stain... 

OK... maybe it was coffee... 
OR... maybe it was toffee...  

You saw me as sloppy
I saw you as snobby... 

You was in a suit, 
I was in a suit, 

yours was a 3 peace 
mine was a two peace and it 
was sky blue... 

I'm trying to bring colour 
to your day, just by the way you 
dress no wonder your day was grey.    

You have a higher earning wage, 
but I have a book...
so take a look at one page, 
I was offering peace signals
to take you out your rage. 

I'm in a rush, 
but I swear you missed your bus, 
you can stand and mope about it,
talk to me 
 help that man over there who 
is doing the busk. 

But you don't look around, 
because the world reflects you,
everyone doing the same thing 
so you follow them through... 

But imagine if you stopped before you 
went in that tunnel, 
so get out of that vision 
and speak to the gem amongst the rubble. 

This is my true character, 
but you must think I'm a actor, 
but you're also on a stage 
it's just a different scene and camera.   

Look I know what you think, 
but you do not know how I feel,
although you want to keep it moving, 
the road you're going down 
will only keep you still. 

Don't move on up in a job you're not, 
stop following the workers clock, 
you will only go so far in that world 
until you realize that your time was robbed... 

So I guess I did not find the leaders 
amung the followers,
thank you to those who stopped
you are my fellow time borrowers. 

"Talk to your fellow man,
find a common ground,
communication is a special sound,
lets take it back to the community
where it was originally found"

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