Tuesday, 3 September 2013

To my Young'stars (specifically my adolescents)

Dear Young'stars,

Hornet will forever be there.

I know at times you feel lost
but I intend to help you find,

Find your dreams,
as I know what it's like to be in the nightmare

Find your life, 
so suicide may never cross your thoughts. 

Find yourself,
because you do not to feel alone.

What you do not understand,
I will guide you through the lies
and confusion, 
I shall help you reach the 
promise land.   

I am here to teach you to slow
your mind down, in this rapid age;

it is hard to concentrate,
but I shall give it to you in bits,
natural juices to help
you flow in life.

You ask for a role module,
so god moulded me 
and I accept the mission 
if know one wants to help you see
let me project your vision.

I am your mirror,
and with me you can reflect,
and I will only bounce back truth.

Un-load your life upon me, 
your suit case may be messy
but your baggage just needs a little folding
and I do not mind helping you iron out a few things.  

Lets endure the moment,
I understand your past regrets,
but I am here to encourage your
future assets.

I come to you as a father,
she will embrace you and
listen to you as a mother;

as we raise our own children,
knowing you are my
future parenting.

I want my sun to shine
so why would I shun you...

I want my daughter to be
princess, so why should I
treat you like a pauper;

further more be my pupil,
I will never be blind to you,
whatever your image,
I Just listen to your heart
so feel free to speak your mind.

I will never judge you but
encourage you to try all...

I love
so you do not hate

I listen
so together we can speak

I care
because we all need it...

"adolescents need adult lessons
so give them your presence and not just presents"


  1. Hey there, Lei,

    Incredibly touching..a beautiful testament to a father's love. So many lines sparkle in the bright light of wisdom.

    Glad you are here being the change I want to see in the World by being the change in your own.


    1. Thank you Kindred.

      This is the new wave, saying goodbye to the old ways. as a father I shall be aware for all the Young'stars... as in truth most have the potential to shine all they need is that deacon.

      See YOU in the realm of change.