Sunday, 22 September 2013

Truth Or Lie...

If you see the truth 
just say hello, 
ask the truth some questions 
it's answers will help you grow. 

Do not ignore the truth, 
then lie can walk right in, 
lie tells you what you want 
to hear, lie will lead you to sin. 

Lie has a reputation 
to be obnoxious, 
keep others un aware, 
to keep all in false adulation. 

Truth is here to aid 
When the truth speaks, it is very brave,
it takes bravery to speak certain things,
but the truth is not afraid.

 Lie can become scary 
depending how far it has gone, 
Lie will convince you it's right
so you never see the wrong. 

Truth dose not always sound pretty
it can sound angry, hateful, 
even in serious times it can 
sound playful. 

Lie can sound plausible
for idiots that will clap for it 
because to them the truth  
is not applaudable. 

Truth has a unique audience,
those who sit and listen to it
will stand later and act with 
it in accordance. 

Lie will make fictitious friends
because lie likes to pretend, 
but what it began with will 
all soon come to an end. 

Truth will make real relationships, 
those good people will come 
and their advice will take you 
on honest trips. 

Lie can deceive,
at a party it will please,  
but if lie knows it is smelly 
it will even blame the cheese. 

Truth has the ability to heel
un wanted pains which 
lie creates because lies 
job is to make you ill. 

Lie loves those 
it can trick
Truth hates those 
who fear it. 

Lie intends to keep 
you conformed, 
Truth intends to keep 
you informed. 

Lie whispered
"no one has to know"
keep deceiving others,
stay higher keep them on the low. 

Truth shouted 
"I will set you free" 
listen and act upon I 
and bask in my sincerity. 

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