Sunday, 1 September 2013

YAWN "I've seen this before"

Those who voted and justify 
this mans war plan, 
with him oh with him 
shall you also be damned. 

This is the world you chose 
for your children, 
on the other side do you 
tell them there's others their 
age dying because of 
what you blindly believe in. 

Set your children up for
an early death sentence,
because of what your congress
says in his,
your children turn to his sacrifice
and truly become his kids;

training them slowly as they
lose their virtue,
slowly walking them to death
so life they will never pursue.

You love to talk of a new war
instead of restoring a new peace, 
patriotic idiots justifying the 
war happening in the middle east;

Whilst you in the west
think you're blessed
and if you're oblivious to
your former idiot
then with him you shall regress.

Voting makes no difference
in planned world events,
so to the man who loves to vote
enjoy living in pretence.

Patriotism is a joke,
whilst you wave your flag
they create false flags
drinking and sniffing coke...

We live in a information age, 
stop arguing amongst each other 
and take your fight to the
actors on the stage;

War is a show,
the president entertains you
when he's calling out his foe.

It only seems funny
to those with money,
reverse how you would
feel if that happen to your country...

Your country is killing your mind state, 
letting a man make your choices
is this what you voted for? 
to take control of your life's fate?

Let a different person make 
the same mistake... God knows 
why you voted for a manchurian candidate,   
first year he's acting out a script of love 
and the next year promoting hate... 

causing hell on earth so he can 
live a little heaven, 
he's the one living rich as 
he slowly puts in a great depression.   

War is an effect
due to the people 
you elect,  
in the final hour
your soul he cannot protect.


  1. hey, hey, Mr Lei...

    a very powerful, timely poem. this is what you do so well, hitting beneath the surface glitter to reveal the rot within.

    the whole thing packs a poetic punch but 2 stanzas connected a little more:

    "Voting makes no difference
    in planned world events,
    so to the man who loves to vote
    enjoy living in pretence."


    "War is an effect
    due to the people
    you elect,
    in the final hour
    your soul he cannot protect."

    They both speak to the last man standing...'us'...that's who is left to answer to the higher good at the end of the day... We will be alone...we will have to live with the result of our choices.

    The artwork is stunning and perfectly illustrates your whole message. This truly is an amazing work of heart.

    Thanks, Lei.... Peace....

    1. You analyse well, thank you as usual

      L.C. my fellow kindred spirit.


  2. Powerful piece ! Perfect timing..bravo sir

    1. Why thank you good sir, glad to know you are part of the truth seekers.

      see you in the peace world.