Monday, 14 October 2013

Earth's letter...

Dear western world people...
I am a faulty Planet...

Everyday I am choking on pollution,
my lungs are clogged with carbon dioxide
and I can hardly see a clear day, all is distorted,
do you have a big enough glasses prescription
for my cloudy eyes, because they are starting to cry acid;

and that acid is effecting my bladder,
as I find it hard to flush what you have
put in my ocean,
clogged with plastic bags and I get under the weather
from all that nuclear you dump and so do my scaly sidekicks,
stop taking them out there schools by large numbers...
MAN will you ever learn???

Your mushroom clouds 
are sending me on a bad trip,
negativity through nuclear, 
I have seen the neighbours and 
I am to beautiful to end up like them, 
well maybe Venus, 
but not like that angry red one.  


I am sick to my core 
please stop digging at it,
this is my soul and your evils agitate it, 
so do not be angry when I erupt hells fury, 
for I am a woman's scorn.   

OH and Can you tell the pimps of war (P.O.W)
they cannot penetrate me for their profits,
I am a woman who respects life and abundantly
gives, but they may not take what they do not give back,
it is just not in my nature;

Speaking of nature, I am loosing my roots,
I liked to be pampered, massage my roots,
you can even pull a few,
but why are you giving me the ECO cut,
most of my hair has fallen and I have not a lot left,

My beautiful creatures,
I advise you to Let them flourish,
they are slowly dying in numbers whilst
you humans are multiplying;

My beautiful bees,
you are the sweet and heart of my body and without
you I cannot function,
thus my furry friends will collapse
and slowly the humans...  

Also tell me one thing why is there famine?
I am soil, I am water, I am the life, so there
should be no hunger death, this is showing
me the greed of you humans.

This is not a bitch fit, I am just asking you
all of you to put me back together,
I am broken in more ways then one,
so I am going to need around two...
million earth soldiers to work together and
correct what evils these glutinous men have done to me.

My cycle is meant to be at least 2.8 million years,
but with you humans, more like 28.000...  

OH and please note 
that my P.M.S is getting worse, 
my mood tends to be getting more aggressive, 
so make them days easier... ok I don't want to HARP on 

"Why shouldn't Earth complain? 
we do over the most littlest things
and she is taking the most damage"


  1. Hi there Mr Le...

    Stunning creation, the Mother Earth and this, your poetic ode... I read it inside. It has the power to reach the deep and to open eyes. A beautiful speech that leaves me speechless...peace...

    1. Thank you, this is a subject which can be addressed in many ways and in the future I SHALL... Peace KINDRED.