Sunday, 20 October 2013

Forest Fun...

I am in nature with the younger'stars,
sitting on the log speaking of visions
they see in between their ears...
this is their interpretation of dreams.

The children innocently forage for leaves,
asking questions about broken logs, but I
cannot tell them guilty men cut down the trees.

With cut down trees comes a sea of imagination,
as a fallen log resembles a dolphin,

a young Swedish boy showing me
the craft of his country as he single handedly
attempts to build a teepee with large branches,
he realises two people are better than one and he calls
upon the help of his other peers, they are a great example
of teamwork, I am the foreman telling them what a great
job they are doing as I am writing this.

Once they build the teepee they have lunch in there,
proud of their hard work. during lunch we here a sound,
one said "is there a cow in the forest" but it was a lost deer
then one said, "is santa going to pick him up"
I said "yes at christmas" to encourage his belief.

After lunch we go on a bear hunt,
the older children are reciting the rhyme,
whilst the younger one clings on wanting to
be picked up, telling me I don't want to see a bear.

I reassure him he is safe with me and I will fight
the bear if we see one, he don't care he just wants
to get off the ground.

During the bear hunt we come across ducks,
the ducks come in packs as one child cries
in hysterics, I wonder what triggered it, the way
she was crying you would think these little ducks
were ravaging dogs.

Gave me a laugh, now I know what to use
against her if she dose not listen, you can sit
not on a naughty log but the duck bench.

After the bear hunt we make our way to the
bus saying by to all the animals and trees we

We take on final breath of fresh air,
then cruise back to the smoggy city.

"We should go for a nature walk at least
once a week, colour, beauty and peace, 
none which you will ever find in a office,
we have lap tops now, let's do a 9-5 with the trees"

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