Tuesday, 29 October 2013

I am more than I think.

I am the enemy in my head,
as my heart holds the passion,
I add pressure in my life when
I should be relaxing.

If I am not relaxed, 
I am tense, 
and then I over think 
and nothing makes sense. 

I should breath with each thought, 
Why do I doubt myself
when I give it my all?
even in times when I fall,
I have conquered big responsibilities,
yet make myself feel small.

I know I should believe, 
but my minds best weapon 
is to deceive, if I listen long 
enough I eventually start to agree. 

I see what is around, 
when I speak it, 
know one wants to 
hear my sound, 
we don't want to talk 
about the future, but gossip
about the locals in the town.

I find time for those who 
are simple, mingle with those 
who talk about their single, 
but when my life is on fire 
they are not there to help me kindle. 

All in all I have a good life,
but cry about the bad,
people around me smile,
but I act upon the sad.

Why do I solve other peoples
problems, but never have time
to solve mine,
even my truel friends act false,
want me to see their problems
but to mine they act blind.

no one to stop what I can do, 
the fact that I say I can 
will only empower my attitude, 
a positive mind state will defiantly 
improve the mood. 

I will keep going because 
there is no need for me to quit, 
If I have a mental war,
I will remain quiet
in peace I shall sit

I can be more than I am, 
be more than I say, 
I should treat my life seriously
when others tend to play, 
be fully committed,
not stop at half way... 


I am inviting change... 
I will kick out hate, 
I will ignore the mental dead..
because...I am now awake.  


  1. awesome poem!
    "I have conquered big responsibilities,
    yet make myself feel small."
    Favorite lines i can relate to those words

    1. Thanks man, this was a dedication poem for someone, glad you related, my motto is if one person feels like that than a thousand people may. writ to heal. bzzzzz