Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Moving on up, you can be down

I am growing...
but still feel made 
to feel small... 

Small by those 
with big egos, 
same conversations 
same highs and lows, 

to you everyones 
a thorn, thats because 
you're not looking 
at their rose.

Raise the same issues 
crying about problems,
refuse to change them 
thats why the 
problem still continues. 

you are no longer worthy 
of my company, 
the amount of time 
invested listening, 
my ears are in bankruptcy. 

I will surround 
myself no more, 
my heads are in 
the clouds, 
so you can
stick to the floor; 

If thats the case I'm 
going to walk away, 
not out of negativity, 
but because you have 
nothing positive to say. 

Deja vu... 
the same conversation, 
I've heard this before but 
in a different destination. 

I must move on from 
the same old talk, 
if nothing has happened 
by the 3rd conversation 
then it's that time to walk;

because you're
leading me in circles,  
I just wanna live straight, 

It's in my nature 
to go forward, 
because history 
I hate to re-create

It's that time to live, 
it's that time to be,
it's my time to follow 
my heart and souls energy. 

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