Sunday, 6 October 2013

Poetic outburst.... I must keep writing...

It is that time to 
teach the children 
about what they 
are building, 

teach them not to fear the physical 
but mental jail, 
to believe in heaven, 
but still prepare them for the up and coming hell, 

because the generation above them have failed, 
but there is still a balance of people out there 
that can conceive a better world. 

Why say the land of the brave
when people of that land are running scared, 
more tactics from the air,
these days all I see is 
chemical warfare

I see the world from many angles, 
I can see the wise amongst the fools, 
those who charge in life like bulls, 
the wolfs under sheep wool, 
...I just temperature dropped... 
new line let me keep it cool. 

It hurts when you see good people fail 
and you complain when bad people prevail, 
but do nothing to martyr them 
condemn them to their deserved hell. 

I am not afraid to bee... I'm a hornet... 
I like seeing the world through my eyes, 
compound vision, see life in a thousand ways, 
 my buzz is my disguise. 

The public are meant be part bill of rights, 
left wing, social equality I cannot see, 
It's not because I am blind to it, 
I'd rather focus on the path 
I walk beneath my feet. 

.......DOES anyone get ME.......
Keep going....... 

What else is on my mind, 
I want to see the best in human kind 
especially in this life time, so I know my 
children are safe forever when I'm on my final line. 

...Out burst rapid thoughts... 

Writing this whilst listening 
to machine head; 
the strings of Robb Flynn,
I got love for metal, 
metal has a message if you hear 
and you say it makes us death. 

Where was I.... I  had a point.... 
until my girl told me to change the music, 
now chilling to Tao lounge, just lounging about. 

Feel more calm, 
no more heavy storms, 
in fact right now I feel like i'm in the clouds, 
I see beyond, but it's hard to do that     
if your view is with the crowd, 
I double up in creativity when I'm 
singled out the crowd. 

Never scared to go for my dream, 
it takes my mind out this horror, 
as I skate past this zombie nation, 
sex addicts, I'm an angel above 
this newly built Sodom and Gomorrah. 

I do not hold judgment 
as they say all to his own
since a young'star I always felt alone,
but now surrounded by togetherness 
I can move forward in a positive zone;

Negative don't exist unless I make 
it real, but as I always say I swallowed 
the blue pill, I care less for the mollies, 
pain killers, blood thinners, nature is my 
pharmacy, nature is my harmony, my heart 
beats like a trees peace, I'm under trees enjoying
a birds company. 

Just like a bird, the hornets going to fly, 
see you next random poem until then look 
away from your phones and into the starry sky...


  1. Well, well, Mr Le...

    This made my day, my friend. Here:

    " I am not afraid to bee... I'm a hornet...
    I like seeing the world through my eyes,
    compound vision, see life in a thousand ways,
    my buzz is my disguise."

    This is you. Great poem. Great photograph. Spot on in every way. I drank it in like I was thirsty. Your mission statement is here. You are the living change, the example, the guide...


    1. Only one who is a Kindred can see such sight.

      I thank you for your constant encouragement,
      to hear it makes me listen to my mission more.

      See you in the creative realm.