Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hornet "reps" City

I am not only the local news,
but inspire to be the local muse,

spontaneous inspiration is my game,
but when playing it, I don't lose
because it becomes my gain.

Im about the local love,
the community is where the hearts at,
I see smiles through the youth with
the fitted caps;

blend in with my own
type of vibe, 
letting them know that
this block has some life.

I skate through the estate, 
If I see elders have a local debate, 
kick ball with the young'stars 
sometimes have a race;

always give someone a piece 
of my time it could take that 
5 minuets to encourage 
that person to elevate,
I ignore know, ima help you 
wit your trolly and freestyle 
with the teenagers on the staircase. 

We have teachers and preachers, 
some speak to you direct 
other time through the speakers, 
Hip hop, poetry, my words are 
the cure to the bleeders.      

Every block has a opposite, 
where there's a negative I'm 
going to be that positive, 
I ain't got the highest rep, 
nor am I unknown, 
the hornet keeps it in the mid,
keeping it balance 
it's just the way I live. 

This is is just beginning ima rep
and be that example to the youth,
I know papers lie, 
but that ink tells the truth,

me and the writer
had an extended conversation,
not only about me, 
but we connected about aspirations, 
L.H thanks D.H as you added 
to my manifestations.

I have a extra reason to believe,
I know people have faith in me,
no longer a ghost, just catch me
on page 36 TEAM WHITE CITY.


  1. Congratulations Mr Le,

    Happy Dayz indeed, my friend...keep soaring and being the balance....

  2. bravo strong passonate....I would love to feature you on my blog if you are interested. my email is blog theme is about love ans sensuality...would you be able to develope a poem in this theme?

  3. Hi Le,
    Very good stuff right here - just linking up here as promised. Am at
    Chris aka Gadgetroid