Sunday, 17 November 2013

"I don't wanna make it to fake it"

What do I have to do to make it?

Sacrifice my mum so I can get out 
of the slum, where a dress for a audition 
let them bend me over and I take it up the bum. 

One minute be righteous the next play the fool, 
once measured by respect but I decided to make 
that money rule, 
believe in god and practice in 
satanic rituals, confuse the younger minds with 
words and hand sign visuals. 

Create a personality trait, 
make you like two of me, 
make you love me more
and love my fucked up state. 

Should I Join a cult 
swear to a demonic oath
be the idol to stop one generation 
maybe two in their growth,
it's so so easy 
especially if they are living broke, 
convince them of a false struggle 
simultaneously party on a boat, 
make them ignore political hip hop 
and I will convince them to vote; 

for the wrong agenda, 
who needs to keep it real, 
when I can get paid to be a pretender.

People worship me and they don't even 
know me, 
I can make people have a perspective that 
they cannot see, 
television, tell lies to your vision, 
 I take your imagination and 
combined it into me. 

I love the fact that I can shit on a song,
get people swaying blindly and make  
their parents look wrong, 

My vanity is my fans sanity, 
I let them chase my dream as they 
slowly lose their reality. 

follow me follow me, 
you will not be free, 
I will trap your mind, 
and your soul will 
be mine for eternity. 

"Don't idolise or you will have idol eyes"

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