Monday, 4 November 2013

Open mic, keeping it Live...

Higher Learning, 
all M.C's kept the 
Mic burning, 
pre written or freestyle
it is a place to express 
your yearning.

Real females  
on the set, 
no ego's everyone 
was talking bless, 
spitting up in the 
birds nest, from 
first and lastMenace 
and the organisers, 
caxton press.  

The scene is coming back, 
where London's truth 
can meet under one roof, 
spray hard bars enough to 
break your tooth, but even 
soft ones, because we there 
to teach the youth. 

It made me see London M'c's 
are full of so much talent, 
beyond British T.V shows, 
we had our own lights, 
camera and action.

Each M.C feeding off each 
others energy, 
constant lyrics, 
the mic never felt empty.

The set brought real 
through the language of 
hip hop each person 
took your to mind to 
different destinations.  

Such a live night, 
mans spitting live 
is a real high, 
I got to do 
a little freestyle 
and a pre-written 
the bar being My cry; 

But that night It was a smile, 
found a place to grow, 
promote a show and 
find my style. 

All in all it was an 
ill event, come down
the first sunday of each 
month to here pastor M.C's 
trust each scripture is relevant.
(First and last) 
(Caxton Press)

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