Monday, 16 December 2013

Earth may people protect Thee... and may you guide me....

Earth you're just one, 
who inhabit many, 
you're spinning out of control 
as I stay still on your axis, 
I can feel your energy, 

keeping me balanced
as you tilt,
my mind bends on the concept
on how you were built;

But now in the process
in getting destroyed,
men with too much pride
so you may never understand joy.

I know your pain, 
people use you for their gain, 
but soon to be over, 
because I know I don't 
play that game; 

Never catch me 
on a shooting range, 
or exploit my breath 
to get that fame, 
I don't waste time 
within your domain. 

You control my five senses, 
I am your earth solider here
to assist your defences;

how ill you are, 
protected by the biggest star, 
but it is men that controls you 
but they can never take you far, 

left you behind so they 
can be ahead
treat you like a bitch, 
karmas a bitch 
when their soul rest upon your bed...

You are not a rock of sin... 
to believe that,
I may as well 
believe the enemy
because it is he
who wants to win, 
Invent time, take resources,
keep people under his whim; 

why is it you let a man rule 
you queen, you're a woman, 
so be treated like one, it's men 
who be ruining your scene...
treating you like dirt, 
so you remain un-clean.   

I love you enough to 
hate many individuals...
 I am grateful for my presence 
and don't wanna be making them calls... 
I rise up every morning thinking 
I wish some one would dead them fools
who assist in your fall, 
biggest thing in their life 
But they treat you very small....  

Earth cares not for 
colour and creed, 
but judges you 
solely on your greed,
oxygen is in your blood,
she hates it when you make her bleed,
selfish fucks she be thinking
"it is I who helps you breathe"

People earth is one 
does not get treated equal, 
She is an organism
your life,
make sure you
care how she feels. 


  1. Excellent and much needed message ! Great you raise such an important topic.. bless you dear :)))

  2. Great and much needed message.. bless you for raising such a topic:))