Sunday, 8 December 2013

Parental Advisory (Not P.G... P.A)

Dear "Parents"

As you give up on your children
through the T.V and endless demands,
the state are submitting laws and soon
to snatch them out of your hands.

U.S parents are getting attacked
by not letting their children
see the people who deal with plaque  
or a parent who gave her child a healthy
lunch snack, because she refuse to give her
child the crap they pack...

Forced C-section via the U.K,
social services love taking children away,
parents you claim to be protecting but when
the time comes what can you actually say,
it's hard to free your children as you stay enslaved;

Trapped by "conspiracy"
do as they say
because you stopped fighting
does not mean your children should PLAY;

their game,
you're a parent
but your logic is lame,
you follow their rules
so your children end up the same.

alright your parents were patriotic
but it's a whole different time kid,
you were the baby goat,
now your lamb is next in line,
to be thrown in the lions pit.

You can't refuse vaccination, 
it's going to be mandatory 
or your children will not 
get an education, 
I heard a guy who came to 
get his children on foot, he got sent to 
the police station???

C.P.S and Social Service,
intend to capture as much children, 
once out of your grasp, into their finger 
tips and then they can wield them. 

Can't you see they want to own
their future, so they remain the winners,
and when our children grow they become like
their parents, nothing but losers.

what are we really fighting for,
it seems when we retire our children
fight their war, come from their mother to die
on another mans floor, encourage our boys
to be a marital, but daddy don't know the law.  

What a joke, as they laugh at your stupidity,
families are getting broke;
broken souls,
broken homes,
this is all happening
as we are deluded in our domes.

How long are you going to act un aware,
support this fake obama care, you still
be voting don't you learn over the years,
I guess not, whilst mummy is acting slutty
and daddy is watching games, drinking beers.

Parents who labour for the state
thinking all is O.K,
they work twice as hard to take your youth
and turn them into slaves,
so love your children every moment
because you never know these days.

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