Thursday, 2 January 2014

Define me... DEFIaNtly not you...

Many judge from a moment 
but they never see the future, 
I was bon to win,
 so know one can make 
me feel like a loser.

What am I... Am I a 
Poet, rapper or a writer
I am a lariat, story teller 
and one keeps my flow tighter.  

Forget what you think you know,
people trying to stop, 
but ima continue to go; 

further than you can imagine, 
your mind can't see 
what is about to happen,
as I harness 
strengthen all my talents.  

My mission is clear, been doing this for 
days so eventually it will be my year, 
until that time comes 
I don't need your words in my ear, 
because words can encourage 
but also trigger anxiety and fear. 

Never act like you know, 
acting is not reality 
thus you will always be part
of the show.  

You only know me from a stand point, 
without sitting with me making no point, 
under the influence of arrogance so the 
venture will never be joint 
as you only induce poison 
but never speak to anoint.   

How could I follow another persons 
advice, who only clamp down on 
negative feedback but never lock in 
with the positive vibes. 

No one can define my abilities,
just like the universe they expand 
and their potential is infinity; 

You do not need to believe 
but nor act like you see, 
I cannot be trapped by your opinions,
it's not your words 

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