Wednesday, 1 January 2014

new year... same days... so... new day...

Happy New Year 
Starts on your birthday, 
if you ask how old earth 
was, what would she say?  

a new years 
should not give you 
a reason to rid of all 
your fears, 
that should be done 
daily not the 1st of 
another year, 
because today is here; 

Tomorrow is yet to come,  
do not make a resolution 
to quit drinking and the day 
before drink the rum 
or tell yourself no smoking 
and light up the last one... 
minute before midnight, 

puff puff puff, 
choke choke choke, 
quick quick girl get me a 
brandy and coke...

laughing at the old habit,  
because you know it is a joke, 
to keep a false promise because 
many times you have broke... 
so many to yourself why would you 
convince yourself this year will be different, 
the knowing you are use to the same pattern 
as you shape it into existence.  

I don't really celebrate new years, 
but find myself at a party bringing the beers. 
I hate being alone so I chill with strangers 
shouting CHEERS;

Speaking my resolutions 
the night before, 
wake up the next day, 
feeling the same way 
my words I just ignore.

Look fireworks... 
my hard earned money 
comes in colours 
and sound,
this is what I worked 
for all year round, 
as I stumble 
stupidly that night 
and wake up the 
next day on the ground. 

10... You should not pretend 
09... Stop trying to define and refine 
08... Remember it's never to late
07... Show more expression and stop living in depression
06... Chill with a rosy crowd and stay away from the pricks 
05... You're her to live not just survive     
04... Honestly... honesty is the cure
03... What ever you say make sure you believe
02... If your days are feeling grey, look up at the blue
01... Fill your next year up with some fun

don't say happy new year,
if you gonna do the same as yesterday 

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