Sunday, 12 January 2014

Poetic outburst... just letting go...

You are not of my world...
we may share this earth, 
but we do not share the same birth. 

So my death will be different from yours, 
all you can do is endure.... 
this life alongside me, 
who has time to wake up to someone 
who is empty... 

Many people... 
as they do not mind the same lame conversation,  
"did you see the game man, them fans just be hating" 

Media exaggeration, 
"let's blame crime on the black 
and the bombs on any one who looks asian" 

I know earth you want change... 
but it's the most of people who are delaying... 
although shit is so serious 
the idiots are still just playing...

I'm Just saying...
What comes to my mind, 
like a girl who wants a good man, 
but sees a bad-man and runs to him 

No time to slate the lost woman... 
I am looking for the found ones, 
the ones who will fill your spirit with gold, 
not gold dig and deplete my funds;   

Stupid ass man, be like 
"she defiantly gonna be my queen"
"If I aint got that money how am I gonna get in between"
"to marry her  I gotta get her an expensive ring" 
"compensate with a car thats tuned up 
just in case my dick can't sing"  

na na fuck that, 
a girl wanna marry me, 
she gonna get a tattoo 
of my name down her back... 
Hornet cares less for consummation 
because to me that shot is an act; 

old fashion I respect, 
new school... shut up 
doing it for the hype and the cred, 
wondering what happen to your cred; 

how that vampire whore sucked another 
mans dick in your house, 
which she got in the divorce, 
whilst you in a breakfast and bed;


wondering how she got over your... 
wait wait... 
you should have known 
when she was under 
the way she was giving you head. 

Men you just straight stupid, 
the guy who shot you with that arrow 
must have been an evil cupid... 

Missed your hart and went straight 
through your brain... 
the way men be describing love 
is dead and just stright insane. 

If love is a losing game, 
then the hornet aint playing, 
take my chance with the haters 
even then I laugh at what they're even saying; 

I am the hornet, 
I fly pass pointless critics 
because my hive is active 
and I am in the making...

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