Sunday, 23 February 2014

The world is not...

The world is not as it seems, 
broken people are caught up 
in a nightmare, 
they forgot about there dreams... 

The world is not as it should be,
I see people claiming life 
but are not truly free, 
time is more of an enemy 
because they waste away in a industry.  

The world is not what I want, 
surrounded by close minded people
who refuse to see beyond,
who don't want to to see
because they are so far gone.

The world is not how I want to live,
a world meant to be shared but no one gives,
people are afraid of death,
but are not brave to live.  

The world is not about the change,
people who say they want to
end up doing the same,
excuses become habits
trying becomes lame.

The world is not a testing ground,
chemicals, weapons or otherwise,
even messing with her harmonic sounds.

The world is not just people,
our fraction is measured,
by insects and animal's
and the trees who stan tall.  

The world is not full of love,
because hate is it's balance
but people indulge in loathe way too much,
if they reversed it than we would all have enough.  

The world is not freedom but fear,
propaganda is the motivation,
T.V distorts our views
so our opinion is not clear.  

The world is not what you think,
limited to those who have
clogged thoughts like a sink,
but more to those who are in tune
and dance with earth and remain in sync.

The world is not in her natural cycle,
she's span her out of control
because of the people,
who pray to an illusion
and forget about the real.  

"The world is...
what we want it to be,
so lets show her more care
so she can live naturally" 

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