Wednesday, 26 March 2014

God know... I'm trying to know God...


I am telling you I need more faith, 
simultaneously I am bleeding hope, 
no desire to create, 
you made seven days, 
but should have made and eight... 
that one extra to contemplate. 

I see your scriptures, 
but most don't practice, 
some will say they are the 
children of god I say they're 
nothing but actors and actresses, 
wasting your gift; 

As they stay cursed,
only asking for direction 
when they walked into 
conscious hurt, 

claim they value your teachings  
but your lessons show know worth, 
weather they were made to believe, 
found you later, or just confused from birth.
I realise people refer to you in third person
when you don't put them in their desired first;

let them have no water
walk the desert,
maybe then they will learn the lesson
to transverse...

they may believe of you
from the beginning
but they waste time trying to pretend.

peoples belief are limited, 
in a certain situation
their belief for you would shift, 
or living the same situation, 
they use a cliché from a one of the scripts.

I admit I fall into a hole... 
and as one of yours refuse 
to hide my dark soul; 

I get blind, 
I lose sight, 
I also see again
when allowed back 
in your light; 

I have no doubt you reveal, 
so I laugh when people try to hide, 
Hide their lies, 
through their eyes, 

Steer you off lane 
with their brain, 
you're the almighty... 
so make a change... 

Not saying I want
the easy route, 
because I know I'll find
you when I'm lost,
but if I am constantly 
misdirected on the roads 
then the devil I may cross, 
take a hitch hike down 
hells highway with the beast 
     in his car red and horny 
in that moment feeling like a boss.

Not afraid to challenge
the higher, 
before I am a cold corpse, 
let the divine 
know this solider had that fire; 

Cos I aint trying to reach hell, 
take my chances with karma now, 
to me rebirth is a fail;

To truly pass you must pass the clouds, 
fly around the earth, 
meet the more higher crowds, 
journey through the 10 heavens before 
it's 1 on 1 

and I hope... 
I hope I made you proud... 

El's Prey so please don't pounce 
on me for my honesty.... 


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  1. i think you write some really good stuff, thanks for sharing.