Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Is the world really that hungary...

How can food prices rise? 
you tell me I have to pay for water,  
I may as well drink it from the sky.  

Pressuring the poorer man 
into unhealthy eating, 
the mind is addicted, 
whilst the heart is 
taking the beating; 

Clogged arteries and 
high blood pressure, 
internally polluting, 
externally the air 
isn't any fresher.  

Not surprise why people become obese, 
as advertisements of unhealthy living 
never seems to decrease;

I'm loving it,
it's finger licking good
children can end up hating their bodies, 
because their parents were misunderstood. 

You obviously don't care
for the people...
G.M.O Fucker
you're not
keeping it real. 

you got them not
caring for themselves,  
as they sit there zombified,
eating your poisons,
damaging their brain cells.

Food is meant for survival,
now it's a power tool,
feed the the rich and major,
suffer those who are poor and small. 

You by up most the markets and 
wanna put up the price, 
you don't produce food like that,  
it is earth who gives the product life. 

Earth gives us all, 
stop buying from 
commercial markets 
and support your local stall.
at least they don't push you into buying
because their crop they know where they pulled.

What happen to agriculture?
you are both hunter and gatherer,
cross breed between a lion and a vulture.

Just look at the planet you live on,
it gives you all, regardless what you live off...
famine is and illusion,
next time look at where you shop...

"Raise food, but lower the standards... 
people really must be stupid for questioning
simultaneously getting the answers,
as they tune your food, you remain the dancers" 

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  1. Laughing, but sad, eyes in pain don't see the same, river of pain run down their eyes as they shop asda💦💦💦with dat being sad.J.U.S.