Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mother (Of the years) it's your dayzzzz..

Mother of my children,

The mother of my two,
the one for me,
regardless of what we
go through. 

You are more to them than just 
a day, you held them for nine months,
me for eleven years, not only do we 
owe you now,
even then you deserved an advance.

I remember you took 
care of me when I had zero,
you let me in your heart,
kept me when things got hard, 
to me that makes you a hero; 

Fly with me,
Fly with me to another country, 
i'll pay for the tickets, 
you choose the hotel, 
I know you like it comfy, 

You deserve a rest, 
as you work so hard, 
so I will pay for you to play, 
  "just leave some money on the card"  

Mothers day....
It's there mothers year,
queen of the house going
kings and then pursue a career.  

You are about to make life 
as you now are on the journey 
to bring life, you got your dream 
and soon to become a midwife;

You are now helping mothers,
applaud you times two...

For mothering my
boy and girl,
studying as well,
I know you won't fail;

Pass all you do,
I witnessed it boo...
Now you're here
it's not that scary,
Leave ghost in the past
so your future can be merry,
my anger blinds me most days
your actions now make me
see a little more clearly...

Clearly your are more,
clearly you're not a snore,
woke me up when I started
to feel sick and tired,
I realise you are my cure.

I find it it hard to express through
vocal, this poem is to let you know,
that I am happy to see you prevail and grow,
I'll step off the stage for this moment and today
Mother/Midwife, you can be M&M because
this moment right now is your show.

I am happy to see 
something I believed, 
make it through the doubt, 
who focused through distraction 
and is on the pilgrimage to succeed.  

1 comment:

  1. That Is a beautiful poem, you on my hard days but we always worked together to gain our goals.....I became a mother, partner and now to be midwife!!
    Your poerty has excelled in your own personal.growth and there are people who can take your words on a walk with your biggest achievement......YOUR BOOK!!

    We are in the right path to better in life to care for the world xxx

    So to my.king, your queen is very blessed to have you in our city palace xx