Monday, 17 March 2014

The floor is my home

There is no comfort for those
who sleep out on road,
they say love is meant to be warm,
but most care less if that dude gets a cold.

Will you come back with a warm soup,
or chat shit to a neighbour drinking
hot chocolate on your stoop.

If you're going to help
someone who is in need,
you don't need much but a
a conversation starter,
a genuine heart,
orange juice,
brown bread and some cheese.

Always act like you're in a rush,
Talking about...
"I can't spare no change"
but give a five note for the bus.

Human compassion
is very real,
but can also be done
out of fashion;

They say love thy fellow man,
but love is an un-conditional action....
and they aren't really coming to your aid,
what money poor people give to them,
the main charity is getting paid.

You're offered a job, 
if they starve they have to rob, 
prevent that for a day, 
by being humble 
and not a luxuriant snob. 

Never look below your fellow man
because your path isn't any higher,
you just got hired but in an instant
your boss can say "YOUR FIRED"
one day forced to be homeless and
feel the strains of being uninspired.

The only thing that separates you is
you sleep behind a door,
he sleeps upon the ground...
I assume you like alcohol,
so does he, come on by him 
just one round.

Rich person with poor hospitality, 
your illusion is material, 
so you ignore another's reality, 
you can't claim your a human,
when you don't practice humanity; 

"They make are streets look dirty, 
but let's close down their soup kitchen, 
take their bread away, 
they deserve less than a pigeon" 

Compassion... where art thou gone... 
some where far far away where we 
can't tag along... most are not in tune 
so will never dance to your song... 
the only record we are playing is... 


"I want it all, if a man is on the floor
pick him up and push him over, 
I don't care if he falls, I am above, 
I hate my life, so why should I love... 
another... treat a person like a brother,
I like to fuck the world, giving no aid, 
just aids... I don't need to where a rubber"

We need to change that song 
and together re write another tune... 
and if we're going to write a new 
record, we better do it soon. 

next time you see a man 
offer him one of yours, 
because you never know 
when you need a helping hand.

"God records your actions,
as he watches you read
off satan's script
which reads:
Take all give less,
give a man a fish but
don't teach him how to net"


  1. Great poem. We forgot to be humans, we are turning into machines. :(

  2. Been on the floor. great poem.