Saturday, 19 April 2014

Will Women Ever Know What They Want...

Dear Ladies...

A man you seek,
but you hide,
you ask for honesty,
but still live with men 
that lie;

Lye around with your friend,
lyes next to you and by the way 
he holds you, 
you know it's reached the end.

It's not like how it was
in the beginning, fun outings,
now he's chilling, eating junk,
watching the 3rd inning,
simultaneously you aint no better...
as you watch him,
fantasising in your mind
about your next catch, 
the next time you go fishing;

You choose the wrong bait,
you let real men off the hook,
end up grabbing a shark who want's
to sink his teeth into your flesh,
he don't care about whats behind
your chest, but in front,
he's mesmerised by your breasts.

You ask for a real man,
but through make up you keep it fake,
nothing will ever be that honest
especially when your lying
through your face.

Even when you get
someone you love,
with open arms
you still end up pushing
them in a shrub...
making life all thorny,
the only time you go behind the bush
is when you're feeling horny. 

What do you really want,
or rather what is it you need,
speak up now,
Men aint no Mel Gibson
your mind I cannot read,
when I try and talk to you
re-inact a dramatic outburst
you witnessed from T.V.

Men read play boy,
you get yourself a play boy,
who sees you as a fashion object,
ends up breaking you like a toy.

To you men are optional,
you choose the one that
ticked your box,
when he gets bored of
you're package,
he becomes your cross,

but he will never be your sacrifice 

XXX no longer means
a bunch of kisses...
it means...
Raw sex,
count your EX'es,
ex man be treating you
like a dog,
you're just one bone,
he has many bitches,
clean up after his dirt,
as he's doing dirt
washing his clothes
doing his food and dishes.  

Self respect you deserve,
but you show no class,
cleavage is to lure men in,
if you want a mans money
your gonna  have to 
work that ass;


Why not play donkey kong,
not be another mans mule,
doing his chores, 
letting him work you all day long,
he'd rather play a little fantasy fuck,
act like scarface as you resemble 
his ideal woman, 
when he climates, 
he's calling out Nia Long.... 
and the story goes on...

At the end of the poem... 
all I'm trying to say is when you pray, 
hunt properly and don't become a prey
and in the end you'll get that right man one day.     

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